“We, at Artisanz, strive to carve and design the most elegant and pristine pieces of the earth taking inspiration from the very thing we know as nature”.


Vision and Mission:

Considering the building of our brand Artisanz, we aspire to be the pioneers in developing a market niche of clientele where we are offering all real worth precious as well as semi-precious Gemstones Jewelry unlike the industry norms and items prevailing in the market.

“To be a leading pioneer in real precious and semi–precious Gemstone Jewelry with excellent designing and quality standards.”


Our Brand—–Profiled for you:

As per the Industry survey and analysis, the demand for so –called artificial Jewelry has been increasing tremendously given the exorbitant rise in the prices of Gold Jewelry, which again is purported to be sold with artificial and unreal plastic and imitation gemstones in the market. But of course, Gold Jewelry has an onus of purchasing power too high on the end user of the ornamented item.

This transition from real gold jewelry into, as stated earlier, so-called artificial Jewelry has been accepted by the consumer because of moderate pricing. However, this artificial embellished Jewelry product fails to deliver real worth or value in terms of longevity, and lifecycle. In fact, I must say, that the shelf life is nearly comparable to any once use or twice use disposable item.

Further to elaborate the Jewelry in fact is with artificial imitation (plastic) coloring of stones with different colors relating to the coloring of natural stones. But they in essence have no real worth or value as they are indeed synthetic. In other words, it has no value proposition.

In essence, the dynamics in the market suggest wrong usage of the word Artificial for the Jewelry which is NOT GOLD so to say. Further adding that any Jewelry which does not have real Gold has been wrongfully classified as Artificial. In fact and in deed this is where Artisanz would come in. Every other shop out there in the Jewelry market and Industry in bent upon selling synthetic and plastic and glass material items.

Our prospects for identifying the need of the market and Industry as a whole was to offer our brand equity the products which must have some REAL WORTH AND VALUE in terms of possessing it and also wearing it. Our brand equity demands high profiling. Therefore, Artisanz has evolved to foster the most innovative and aesthetic designs in perfect amalgamation of colors (as in colored real natural precious and semi-precious stones), craftsmanship, and Real worth Jewelry products which would differentiate it from the rest of the market selling “Imitation Jewelry” and these artificial items have no net worth neither in form nor in their shape, quality, and longevity in addition to demanding unnecessarily high prices and yet being substandard with Magnanimous brandings.

In essence, we are selling real worth Jewelry including Gold Plating of Silver, Real Gemstones that are either precious or semi-precious having real carat weight, and silver weight.

Hence, the customers feel privileged to have such beautiful Artisanz products at medium range of pricing with their glitter, brilliance, shine, Gold Plating on Silver, and natural stones with all the adornments, best in class designing, models of jewelry, and color combination of natural stones.

Artisanz aspires to excel in its market niche of clientele. This clientele is being serviced with the products, as also mentioned earlier, to suit to variegated needs, and different societal norms, and strata, be they formal (Bridal or Party wear) , semi-formal or even casual.

Hence, Artisanz covers almost all segments of consumers. The pricing as suggested earlier also is medium to moderate ranged. But since every item is co-related sagaciously to its real USP (its real value and worth of the Silver content, of the occurring natural stone carat weight), the customers are more than happy to purchase as their desire to acquire satisfaction from Artisanz products is adequately fulfilled.

Thanking you in Advance
Message from the CEO